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Stir The Profits, Avoid the Churn, Embrace the Data

A highly saturated market, competition from established companies and a technology explosion driven by IoT, Networking & Edge computing has locked Telecom industries in a price war. Even though developing markets are still driving adoption, the core business model of voice & messaging is continuing to nosedive.

Only those with a lucid & adaptive offering, nuanced pricing, personalized promotion and a seamless experience are still holding up their stakes at the table.

Answering these questions helps Telecom Companies


How to manage customer churn in the face of high competition?


How to adapt to the rapidly evolving customer needs?


How to ensure a consistent customer experience?


How to keep up with fast paced technology innovation?


And most importantly - How to balance customer privacy with targeted advertising?

The Convergytics Answer

The only way to unlock the telecom puzzle is to introduce Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to manage the large amount of data generated by millions of customers.

Understanding this data helps us make sense of customer loyalty, customer engagement and make the business agile. The Convergytics Solution has following key components

Customer Journey & Targeting

Manage customer loyalty and increase value per transaction

Bundling & Offer Optimization

Reduce margin erosion and prevent leakages due to excessive promotions while retaining your competitive edge

Omnichannel Experience

Understand customer sentiments across all touchpoints and deliver a seamless Omnichannel experience

Customer Acquisition

Combine best of broad-reach and personalized targeting to get more customers

Marketing Optimization

Increase sales and brand equity by optimizing marketing spends

Network Reliability

Our AI powered network management sets the foundation for delivering reliable services

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