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Maximize Sales & Build lasting loyalty by Unlocking hidden opportunities using AI & Machine Learning

According to a recent study by McKinsey COVID-19 speeded the adoption of digital technologies by several years and many of these changes are here to stay!

This digital transformation continues to add to the digital trail for businesses as well as customers especially in the technology industry. This has brought in new challenges, here some of the major ones:

We have identified the following challenges:


How to build lasting relationships that influence "The savvy buyer"?


How to provide a seamless customer experience to retain customers, improve loyalty and encourage brand affinity?


How to plan for the shifting technology landscape and generate accurate forecasts?


How to align personalized targeting with sales to identify and nurture the right prospects?


How to get the pricing right to stop margin erosions and give the right deals?


How to avoid privacy intrusions and adopt a unified marketing strategy?

The Convergytics Answer

Our business first approach finds the ideal intersection of process, technology, and talent to generate results beyond what off the shelf business intelligence tools can deliver. We are leading this digital transformation for technology companies by having data centric approach to deliver progressive and sustainable growth.

Our analytics solutions for technology companies are driven by following products

Sales Maximizer

Get measurable results by accelerating your sales cycle and maximizing conversions by looking beyond the AI hype

Marketing Mix Optimizer

Reduce marketing spends, maximize marketing ROI, sales & brand equity and optimize your marketing strategy by having an ideal mix of digital and traditional marketing activities

Customer Journey Activator

Create an ideal partnership and handoff between sales and marketing with personalized targeting increases the likelihood of conversion and improves the quality of leads

Price Planner and Optimizer

Reduce margin erosions and provide customized pricing (deal) intelligence, attachment products to sales team to maximize likelihood of conversions

Customer Experience Enhancer

Build lasting loyalty and enhance your brand affinity by removing deterrents from customer experience

Forecasting and GTM Planner

Uncover new market and industry opportunities to create an optimal Go TO Market strategy that is backed by accurate forecasting

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