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Sales Maximizer

Over $100Million in incremental sales per quarter for a Fortune 50 technology company. Delivered.

When every sales activity is tracked and measured, organizations tend to feel comfortable that they can equip the salespeople with enough data and insights to assist them.  

The reverse is often true, as tracking activities does not necessarily translate into actionable intelligence for improving sales performance.


Dashboard & BI Reporting Company

After working with clients across disciplines and geographies we have realized the top 3 limitations to an effective sales performance:


Data integration, quality & consistency

Even with many different data platforms, data silos, data quality, and data consistency remain the two most significant challenges in creating insightful, actionable data. The million-dollar question is how to break down data silos and build a reliable automated data integration system


Lack of real time sales intelligence

A bit of extra intelligence at just the right time can make all the difference between a successful and a failed sales journey today. You can accelerate your sales by understanding intent to purchase, personalization, and pricing in real time


Quality of leads

A sales force is only as effective as the quality of leads they pursue. A common challenge is the lack of the right integration and hand-off between sales and marketing leading to ineffective pipelines, insufficient marketing support during active sales cycles, and insufficient post-sale marketing.

The Convergytics Approach to Sales Analytics

Optimizing Marketing Investments Through Smarter Decisions

Convergytics works with leading Fortune 100 companies to provide real-time business intelligence to support your sales forces and accelerate sales cycles by enabling them to succeed faster.

Sales Planning

Create an optimal go-to-market strategy using real-time tracking of sales forecasts and product forecasts by geography and by product levels

Pipeline Activation

Intent-based marketing to optimize customer pipeline and accelerate sales cycle based on customer intent and purchase journey

The Convergytics Advantage

Accurate Forecasting

Providing confidence across the organization with a forecasting solution builds a strong framework for capturing short- and long-term opportunities

Effective sales pipeline activation

Build a strong pipeline with detailed insights regarding the customer's purchase journey stage and how the customer progresses as they move through the purchase journey

Accelerated Sales Cycle

Ensure one-to-one collaboration between marketing and sales at every stage of the buyer's journey, ensuring the appropriate marketing support is implemented

Sales Capacity Optimization

Optimal target-agent mapping to improve target-agent performance for top-down optimization of sales force capacity

Empower Sales force with real time intelligence

Make real-time, proactive decisions about time to purchase, likelihood of purchase, price sensitivity, and preferred products at a variety of stages in the buying process

Revenue and Margin Optimization

Optimize the deal price to ensure maximum conversion rates though maintaining desired margins.

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