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Reporting Solutions

Focus on what really matters
Go Beyond Dashboards with Actionable Insights.

As organizations strive to find the best reporting tools that will deliver substantial information that is easy-to-use, reliable, and focuses on action rather than just good to know information, they often face challenges finding the ideal mix that can deliver the information that will be useful. 

Organizations find themselves struggling with redundant reports, reports which aren’t useful to the business, and reports which don’t support business requirements.

We have identified 5 challenges that inhibit Business Intelligence(BI) from becoming actionable:


Self-serve v/s traditional – Which BI?

There are so many BI platforms available today that BI leaders often feel overwhelmed trying to choose the one that is right for their business. There are numerous challenges that come along with every reporting migration, including skill sets, speed, cost, & usability


Reports are not predictive

A BI solution that merely presents historical trends across multiple metrics and dimensions is very limited in scope, and it doesn't give business leaders the predictive information that can actually allow them to make intuitive and faster decisions.


Too many reports, too little insight

Organizations are often faced with this problem. The process of creating several reports over time often goes unnoticed, and as the process goes on, hundreds of reports are accumulated. These reports are generally redundant.


Data integration, quality & consistency

Even with many different data platforms, data silos, data quality, and data consistency remain the two most significant challenges in creating insightful, actionable data. The million-dollar question is how to break down data silos and build a reliable automated data integration system


Lack of Actionable Insights

Successful BI projects continue to struggle with a lack of actionable insights. Due to a lack of business alignment and domain expertise, most business intelligence leaders are left with phrases like "that's good to know, but can't help us". "Are you sure the data is accurate" are other words they hear from BI leaders.

Convergytics delivered Tableau reporting automation in record time and reduced reporting cost by 56% for a leading media company.

The Convergytics Advantage

Higher efficiency and lower cost

We have developed expertise across all major BI platforms because of our partnerships, so we will be able to install and define your BI solution quickly

Focus on “actionable insights”

Gain actionable insights that answer the “Whats” and “Whys” of your BI solution with a simple data story format.

Low maintenance and high automation

Reports are easier to add new features or add information to and lower maintenance costs with BI solutions that are highly automated.

High level of accuracy and reliability

A solid data architecture ensures 360-degree enterprise visibility and a high level of reliability for all reports.

Tight Business Alignment

Identifying the key performance indicators that can enable you to measure business function performance and identify the best next step for the business

Forward Looking reports

Utilize advanced machine learning algorithms such as anomaly detection, forecasting, and other predictive insights to make your reports more accurate.

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