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Our Values

Clients and employees are two sides of a coin for us. We need to nurture and develop our employees so we can deliver success for our clients

How we build trust with our clients

Clients can take business decisions with confidence because of ability to deliver accurate reports, analysis and models. Following a robust analysis, delivery and testing process refined over time, we can maintain 100% accuracy in all our deliverables.

Our commitment to clients

Our client’s success defines success for us. This is the driving force behind our steep growth. We adopt an approach of constantly trying to shift the baseline on business outcomes through a test – learn – improve process that results in progressive growth for clients

Data Integrity and Security

As we handle sensitive data of our clients, Convergytics has built a security process verified by ISO certifications that keeps our client’s data secure. As a practice, we work exclusively on client infrastructure either onsite or through VPN connected via a dedicated lease line.

Learning and Knowledge sharing

The bed rock of any successful analytics organization is the ability to learn and adapt to changes in business, market while keeping up with technology trends. Internal competitions, learning sessions, tech-talks run by clients, experts & partners helps us learn all the time

People development and retention

Our consistent efforts in employee development has been the main reason for our high retention. While technical training programs aid in skill advancement, other programs on leadership, health & soft skills help in overall development. With innovative hiring programs like “internship to hire”, & “back to work for women” has helped us build a diverse ecosystem

Giving back

As a responsible corporate citizen, we enthusiastically participate in company sponsored social initiatives. Programs such as child education and environmental initiatives among others not only give back to society, but also build a sense of fulfillment for our employees.