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Case Study

Marketing spend optimization and planning to drive brand / sales growth


An increasingly competitive landscape with new forms of digital competition, changing demographics are presenting retail marketers with new challenges every day.

To add to the complexity, a shift in media consumption has rendered traditional marketing channels less effective in reaching broader population. While digital channels promise more personalized & real time content delivery, their return on investment at scale remains largely suspect


As the media choices available takes new form (including more targeted & localized offerings) and grows, an advanced analytics solution will help marketers better manage media investments to determine the optimal marketing mix to increase ROI, sustain brand growth and drive incremental sales.


For a leading national retailer Convergytics deployed an end to end marketing attribution and marketing spend optimization. The proprietary solution is based on a Bayesian hierarchical framework which mirrors how customers, brands and advertising interact in the real world.

The model helped in providing clarity on unanswered questions our clients was facing – they were able to get deep insights on ROI, Contribution (how they change with events, seasonality & competitive events), effectiveness of each marketing activity (time to impact and memory factors) along with optimal spend range for each activity. All of these insights helped create the right constraints for the optimization resulting in a robust marketing spend plan.


An overall increase in sales by 7.4% in the Fall season; Reduction in low performing spends like Search, Inserts and reallocation to event based TV / Radio advertising were some of the key recommendations which led to higher ROI (increase in overall ROI by nearly 40%) across all marketing activities.

Increase in sales by


Increase in overall ROI by nearly


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