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Marketing Mix Modelling isn’t dead. It has evolved. We are leading that change.

The Mobile and Social revolution of the last decade has brought in a variety of channels for customers and brands to interact. This has revolutionized Data Collection, attribution, market research and traditional analytics methodologies such as Marketing Mix Modelling.

Brands now know more about their customers than ever before, as customers are opting in to share their digital trails during their interactions with them. Even though marketing channels & big data has proliferated, the core concept and benefit behind traditional marketing mix modelling still rings true. If implemented the right way, it still holds immense power to move marketing in the right direction.

We have seen this with some of our top clients such as Dell, where the Convergytics Marketing Mix Solution has given an exponential sales lift.

Marketing Mix Modelling Services

We see 4 limitations with traditional Marketing Mix Models:


Lack of Predictive Insights

Marketing Mix models tend to be backward looking and don’t provide insights on future planning.


Focus on Short Term Gains

Marketing Mix models provide only impact of short term gains and not necessarily capture long term impact of activities.


Non-marketing factors are missing

Factors like pricing, distribution, customer experience and creative effectiveness are not captured.


Have attribution bias

Most current methodologies does not account for attribution bias, particularly within digital media

The Convergytics Approach to Marketing Mix Modelling

Our marketing mix modelling solution helps marketers make smart decisions to maximize their ROI by focusing on 4 pillars

Take the right decisions

We work with marketers to make marketing mix attribution an essential and effective tool to maximize ROI and deliver progressive incremental growth in sales and brand equity. Our proprietary algorithm delivers actionable intelligence that maximizes the return on your marketing investments.

Spend on the right channels

Spending on marketing goes beyond dollars! We help marketers develop a deep understanding of every marketing activity through evaluation of memory, time to impact, and comparative analysis across channels and formats to set up a solid foundation for marketing measurement and optimization.

Capture the right data

By working with marketers, we establish marketing measurement systems that reflect the interactions between customers, brands, competitors, and advertising in the market. Our proprietary platform assists you in maximizing ROI on marketing investing and to increase sales and brand equity while delivering a progressive increase in sales and brand recognition.

Always be testing

Through deep insights, we enable marketers to develop the optimal marketing strategy based on testing scenarios backed by comprehensive insights. We aim to make decision-making agile, intuitive and backed up by strong data insights.

The Convergytics Advantage

Go beyond attribution

Be Predictive Not reactive with a solution that focuses on optimization and planning. (Not just a backward looking attribution measurement)

Dig Deeper

Marketing analysis at the granularity of decision making to enable actionable insights and recommendations


Machine learning and modelling innovation to deliver in depth insights on spends and marketing activities

See the full picture

Go behind the scenes of ROI by accounting for non-marketing factors like price, distribution, competition, customer experience etc.

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