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FMCG is expecting a double-digit growth in 2022*. Are you ready to meet the demand?


Changing consumer behavior, lack of an integrated view of the supply chain, rapidly falling returns on marketing spends and increasing competition, driven by rapid innovation in consumer products is giving FMCG marketers and data scientists sleepless nights.

The analysts are asking the following questions:


How predictable is our pricing strategy?


How to manage customer demand that is driven by rapid innovation?


What is the impact of sustainability and localization on inventory?


Too much or too little but always expensive – How to optimize supply chain?


How to get real-time insights for products, distribution & inventory?

The Convergytics Answer

Understand & reinvent your supply chain strategy by forecasting demand, optimizing prices, figuring out optimal product placements & understanding customer sentiments. Shift to a customer centric mindset.

The Convergytics Answer has following components:

Demand Forecasting

Determine the need for products in real time by understanding category drivers & customer preferences

Pricing & Promotion Optimization

Reduce margin erosion and prevent leakages due to excessive promotions while retaining your competitive edge

Assortment Intelligence

Maximize sales & adapt to changing customer shopping habits by optimizing assortments, figuring out shelf placements and rationalizing SKUs

Inventory Optimization

Navigate through supply chain challenges by planning your inventory, replenishment and optimizing for better distribution

Marketing optimization

Increase sales and brand equity by optimizing marketing spends

Survey Analysis

Understand true customer sentiment and their preferences to determine the right product, assortment, and pricing strategy

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