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Customer Journey Accelerator

5 times ROI for over 50 clients & 20,000 campaigns

An abundance of alternatives, research sophistication, personalization & customization has led to three core problems with Customer Marketing in modern times:


Poor and Inconsistent Customer Growth


Fleeting Loyalty and value realization from customers


Stagnation of ROI and ineffective journey management

Customer Journey Accelerator

The Convergytics Approach

Working on this problem at scale for some of the biggest consumer brands has given us a unique perspective. Our approach to customer analytics covers 4 key elements :

We have 6 key offerings within the Customer Analytics Solution

Retention Management

Recommendation Engine

Offer Optimization

Lifetime Value Predictor

Campaign Rationalization

Journey Orchestration

Benefits of our Approach

Get over 4 times gains

with a template for continuous improvement that includes loyalty index, ROI & Response Rate

Get Personalized,

Relevant, and timely recommendations to improve conversion, loyalty and ticket size

Personalize engagement

and Nurture customers to develop lasting loyalty using our proprietary macro journey marketing tool

Be Proactive and interactive

in your marketing journey implementation to maximize customers potential in a purchase journey

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