Customer Experience Enhancer

Design A great customer experience by Closing the Loop with Predictive Analytics

A Totally satisfied customer contributes 14 times more revenue than a dissatisfied one

With the advent of sophisticated ad targeting and easy availability of alternatives for almost all consumer businesses, customer experience is the final frontier that separates the best companies from the average, the good from the great. A customer experience strategy that is powered by customer intent, understanding engagement obstacles, creating proactive interventions, and offering a seamless and uniform omnichannel experience is what delights the customer and makes a great brand.
Convergytics Customer Experience Solution

Over the last several years, we have provided double digit growth in sales for several Fortune 500 clients by identifying the following challenges that are obstacles to a memorable customer experience:


Getting one view of customer experience across channels by breaking down silos.


Slow adoption of self-serve digital channels.


Generating proactive actionable insights by implementing personalization at scale.


High volume of calls leading to higher cost, lower satisfaction.


Lack of standardized customer experience measurement.


No integration of customer engagement with targeting

True CX means putting the customer at the centre of our efforts and measuring impact not just in dollars and cents for your brand but truly in terms of how the customer is benefited. You can find so-called CX efforts everywhere, nowadays, but actual customer-centric decision-making is sadly hard to find

Augie Ray,
VP of CX at Gartner

The Convergytics Customer Experience Solution

Our customer experience solution resolves these challenges by monitoring and delivering progressive improvement in customer experience by providing recommendations to test solutions that remove these obstacles in a scientific way.

3 components of our Solution:

Omnichannel Experience Journey Management

Organizations must increasingly gain a 360-degree view of customers in order to lead from a customer-centric position journey, as well as the ability to obtain deep, granular insight on what is driving customer experience. By taking immediate action "in the moment", creating personalized experiences for customers, and demonstrating ROI on the improvements they are seeking, they will be able to move quickly.

Customer Engagement Optimization

We help our clients deliver a proactive and seamless customer engagement to optimize customer experience

Customer Experience Insights and Stories

Deliver clear, actionable insight into the deterrents, drivers, and measures of customer experience by using survey data and CX metrics to drive repeatable decisions to optimize customer experience.

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