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Components of our Center of Excellence

Analytics Maturity Assessment

How do you protect your margins, while rewarding loyalty?

Test, Learn, Baseline & Improve

Make continuous and progressive improvements in business outcomes and analytics maturity the corner stone of your enterprise analytics strategy

AI implementation strategy

Implement a winning AI strategy by determining the best use cases for AI and ML adoption that will not only deliver quick wins in the short term but also succeed in the long term

AI Ecosystem

Leverage the Convergytics AI Ecosystem with proven and experienced AI/ML practitioners to accelerate AI implementation and avoid disruptions due to shortage of skilled resources

Algorithm library and benchmarks

Fast track AI and ML implementation by leveraging Convergytics pre-built, test and ready to deploy industry and function specific AI and ML algorithms

Innovation Lab & Partnerships

Benefit from Convergytics investment in a state-of-the-art AI / ML lab and partnerships with leading AI platforms to drive innovation in your analytics implementation