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Center of Excellence

Accelerate your analytics growth with Convergytics Center of Excellence

It’s difficult to build, manage & train a team of Analytics Professionals

Due to the evolving technology landscape and shifting consumer trends businesses now face several challenges in meeting the growing demand of a coherent analytics strategy. This is the reason for a high abandonment rate of analytics projects. Here are some of their major challenges:


Lack of resources to complete projects


Constant Upskilling for analytics teams


Stagnation in analytics maturity


Showing short term ROI on analytics investments


Lack of coherent and centralized enterprise analytics strategy


Longer time to market

The Convergytics Center of Excellence

Over the last decade we have worked with several Fortune 500 companies to establish their CoEs. Using an ideal blend of inhouse and offshore team we work fulfill your vision for analytics adoption.

Our Offshore CoE model

Managed Services

End to end management of all analytics projects with a dedicated team. Retain & develop institutional knowledge & deliver on a continuous improvement model

Special Projects

We partner with clients & senior leadership to identify and remove roadblocks in special transformational projects.

Build Your Team

Meet the growing demand for expert data scientists and business analysts with our dedicated team that fits right in.

Analytics Maturity Assessment

Get a detailed audit with a rating based on competitor assessment. Understand & address gaps to improve your analytics maturity

Analytics Implementation Strategy

Find best use case for speedy adoption and implement a winning analytics strategy.

Innovation Lab Partnerships

Get up to speed with industry best practices, latest trends and execute pilots with leading AI platforms

Supplementary Services

Accelerate Your Analytics Maturity Growth

Convergytics Innovation Showcase


Preferred analytics partner to deliver marketing, sales, and analytics strategy consulting in a managed services model for Dell Global (including APAC, EMEA and North America)


Dedicated team of analysts servicing Cox Group serving all analytics needs in campaign management, marketing and competitive intelligence.

Titan Group

Serving immediate analytics requests and transforming analytics innovation through a dedicated managed services model.