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Banking & Financial Services

Helping Financial institutions enhance Customer Centricity & Improve Efficiency using AI & ML

AI technologies could potentially deliver up to $1 trillion of additional value each year 

Even with the post pandemic rise of digital banking, banking has been slow to adapt AI as part of its mainstream strategy. Rising competition, customer expectations have impacted growth. Banks need to reset their analytics strategy and have an AI first mindset to survive & thrive. We have identified the following challenges

We have identified the following challenges

Digital banking adoption leads to higher customer expectations

As in-person banking fades away, it's imperative for banks to improve the customer experience on digital media.

Increasing competition from technology giants

With a head start in AI and ML, technology giants are looking at banking as an adjacent business opportunity that creates tough competition for traditional banks.

Balancing privacy & marketing effectiveness

and using both traditional & digital channels to improve sales

AI Adoption

Financial institutions must accelerate AI implementation as customer demands and competition increase their pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The Convergytics Approach

Become a customer-centric financial institution using AI

Our expertise in back-office automation, automated fraud prevention, and risk prediction can help you deliver a par excellence banking experience par excellence. Our approach to analytics integration delivers personalized and timely actions for your customers that directly impact  operational efficiency. Our solution has following components:

Customer Journey and targeting

Create long-term loyalty with highly personalized, appropriate and timely actions based on your customer's financial journey and goals.

Omnichannel Experience

Provide a seamless omnichannel experience that spans multiple devices and interactions with your customers.

AI Adoption and Implementation

Optimize operations by automating back office functions, detecting fraud automatically and predicting risks in advance with the help of AI solutions

Marketing optimization

Acquire more customers, boost marketing ROI and enhance your brand with reduced marketing spending even on reduced budgets

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