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Case Study

Augmented intelligence to enable dynamic customer journey orchestration


Many retailers are zeroing in on a strategy to better understand and map how customers use multiple channels to evaluate and purchase. Every purchase journey is unique and understanding today’s winding, end-to-end shopping journey is even challenging; now if a marketer has to orchestrate a strategy to best engage a customer in the purchase journey, it becomes even more challenging

Retailers today are faced with the challenge of managing large volumes of data and create a 360 view of the customer. Lack of an integrated view is a major deterrent to help retailers understand where the customer lies in the purchase journey, what his shopping preferences and how best to engage them with personalized targeting – all these are resulting in an incoherent targeting strategy


For a leading retailer, Convergytics developed an augmented intelligence framework built on a foundation of Customer 360 to enable dynamic, real time journey orchestration. The solution enabled our client to be proactive in engaging customers and implement a real time marketing activation strategy; the solution is now central to all marketing efforts and drives accelerated conversion through personalized offers to each customer


As a result of the engagement, the retailer saw an increase in sales by 23%. In addition to the incremental sales, customer targeting strategy evolved from a siloed, reactive approach to a centralized and real time targeting with ability to engage customers with personalized content (right product, right offer and right channel) 

Increase in sales by


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