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Look beyond the hype with True AI

Find out how we used Image Processing to determine the latest fashion trends for a Jewelry retailer

A true AI application will give you 100% automation, self-learn to constantly improve outcomes and will result in 10x gains. Is your AI doing this for you?

Complete automation, deep learning & accurate forecasting is the holy grail of AI. But does such a well-rounded technology exist or is it still the stuff of Science Fiction. Over the last decade we have solved business analytics problems for retail, technology, CPG, Banking sectors and investigated this problem in detail. Separating the signal from the noise, the real from the hype continues to be a challenge for most organizations. Despite its promise of complete transformation most Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects live a short and expensive life due to following reasons:

Data Collection

Do you have enough usable data? Most organizations lack sophisticated data collection capabilities. This leads to a shaky foundation.

Data Integration

Is the tracking real time and integrated with existing systems?

Who need it most?

How to determine the right mandate & establish business priority to deliver an actionable roadmap that leads to progressive, repeatable gains?

How Adaptable & scalable is the solution?

Is it learning as fast as you want it to?


How to Calculate the ROI of AI Programs?


Do you have the right skills to manage the AI Solution?

The Convergytics Approach

We believe that the most important piece of the AI puzzle is a successful adoption. How do we make it easy for organizations to create a strong foundation and keep pace with the emerging innovations that drive successful business outcomes?

AI Journey Assessment

Our AI readiness report gives you a score that highlights where you are in Analytics sophistication and what you need to do to keep pace with the competition.

AI implementation strategy

Implement a winning AI strategy by determining the best use cases for AI and ML adoption that will not only deliver quick wins in the short term but also succeed in the long term

Algorithm library and benchmarks

Fast track AI and ML implementation by leveraging Convergytics pre-built, test and ready to deploy industry and function specific AI and ML algorithms

A successful AI adoption is built on 6 fundamental elements:

Test, Learn, & Improve

Make continuous and progressive improvements in business outcomes and analytics maturity the corner stone of your enterprise analytics strategy

AI Ecosystem

Leverage the Convergytics AI Ecosystem with proven and experienced AI/ML practitioners to accelerate AI implementation and avoid disruptions due to shortage of skilled resources

AI Lab and Platform Partnerships

Save time and effort by utilizing our partnerships with leading innovation labs and technology providers

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